Mechanical Peaches is... indie rock band based out of Stamford, CT bringing a psychedelic infused retro sound to modern blues rock.

What started as Abhay Sampath's solo project soon evolved into a full band that drew from a variety of genres for inspiration. 

Each player brings a unique musical background with varied influences from all areas of music including Abhay's Carnatic vocals and funk and blues-inspired rock guitars, Alex Wu's jam band bass playing, and H.G. Siewert's progressive hard rock drumming.

This musical melting pot is vital to the rich sound of Mechanical Peaches.



Vocals,Guitar,Production | Abhay Sampath
Bass Guitar | Alex Wu
Drums | H.G. Siewert


Mechanical Peaches EP

by Mechanical Peaches

Mechanical Peaches

Member Bios

Abhay Sampath


Abhay has been trained in Carnatic vocal music since the age of 6 under various teachers. He eventually started experimenting with sound recording and learned to play several instruments including studying guitar under Carlos Alomar (guitarist for David Bowie). He went on to participate in various choral, jazz, and rock groups until starting to write and perform original music in 2010. His influences range from Classic Rock to Hip Hop/R&B to Indie Rock.



Alex started playing music at age 6 beginning on the violin before switching to low brass (baritone horn, Trombone) at age 10 and finally settling on the bass in 2005. His play style is most heavily influenced by Mike Gordon of Phish, and Phil Lesh of the Grateful Dead, but his musical influences include everything from classical and jazz to hip hop and even a little a bluegrass and country. Alex is also the bassist for Matt McNulty and Friends based out of Norwalk, CT and frequently sits in with Hubinger St. and CK3 from the Shelton, CT area. He is also involved with Creamery Station out of Bethany, CT

Alex has been fortunate to play alongside several well-known artists including Melvin Seals (Keyboards/Organ - Jerry Garcia Band), Tom Constanten (Keyboards - Grateful Dead), Mark Mercier (Keyboards – Max Creek), Jen Durkin (Vocalist – Deep Banana Blackout, Jen Durkin and the Business, Steal Your Funk), Jordan Giangreco (Keyboards/Organ - The Breakfast, Steal Your Funk, Viral Sound), Scott Guberman (Phil Lesh & Friends, Scott Guberman Band, Terrapin Family All-Stars) and Kat Walkerson (The Garcia Project). He has also opened for The Word (Robert Randolph, John Medeski w/ The North Mississippi All-stars) and Blind Melon .




H.G. Siewert is an upcoming Drummer drawing from Metal, Rock, Jazz, and Latin music to create a new and unique sound on the drumset.  H.G. Also plays drums for the Metalcore band Intrinsik out of Hartford, CT.


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